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摘要:?PART TWO?In this part of the test,you are asked to give a short talk on a business topic.You have to choose one of the topics from the thre
?In this part of the test,you are asked to give a short talk on a business topic.You have to choose one of the topics from the three below and then talk for about one minute.You have one minute to prepare your ideas.
A Successful teamwork
:how to ensure the success of teamwork realised
B Market researching:the importance of market researching in new product development
C Cost controlling:factors involved in controlling product cost
答案:? A? Successful teamwork:how to ensure the success of teamwork realised
?? In my opinion,mutual trust is the key element for successful teamwork.When members share a trusting relationship,they will feel free to express their views,understand each other's capabilities and limitations,and communicate with each other timely.This helps to bring out the potentials,experience and creativity of the individual and creat good work environment.On top of that,timely communication,decision making and full cooperation will also help to improve work efficiency which is also a criterion for successful teamwork.
?? B Market researching:the importance of market researching in new product development
?? Marketing research is an essential first step in all product development.There is little point in developing a new product unless you can sell it.Marketing research proves to a company whether the new product it develops is what the customers want and whether it is better than other competing products in the market.A company can get information whether there is a neche for a new product and what are the customers'needs and taste for the product through market researching which guarantee that it will eventually make profit.
?? C Cost controlling:factors involved in controlling product cost
?? Several factors should be considered in controlling the product cost.First,it is important to cut down the cost of the materials,as to a large extent,it helps to determine the cost of the products.Second,efficiency of production line is another important thing to consider.When introducing a production line,it is important to consult the specialist and see that it is user-friendly and will not cause too much physical stress.Meanwhile,workers should get fully trained in order to work more effciently.
Write an answer to one of the questions 1-3 in this part.Write your answer in 200-250 words.

???·Several staff in your department have conflicts over work which affected the working efficiency.The Human Resources Manager in your company is looking for efficient ways to build team spirit.You have been asked to prepare a report on the feasible ways to improve team work and stop dispute.
? ?·Write your report for the Marketing Manager
? ?·showing the negative effects of conflicts
? ?·providing measures to stop disagreement between your staff
? ?·making suggestions on how to improve team work

???·Owing to increased data processing task in your department,you believe that you need to purchase an additional laptop,and have been asked to write a letter to CEO explaining why this new laptop is necessary.
? ?·Write a letter to CEO
? ? ·why another laptop is needed
? ? ·what functions the laptop will make
? ? ·what's your suggestion about the candidate laptop
? ? ·when you want to buy it and why.

???·The company you work for is considering to send some staff to visit the trade fair.You have been asked to make a proposal on how to exhibit your company's products in the trade fair.
? ?·Write a proposal to the Manager of the company.Mr. Thomson
? ? ·how to ensure the quality of display
? ? ·which kind of staff are to be selected
? ? ·how to plan the layout of a stand at the trade fair
? ? ·how to ensure the security of the exhibits.
?? There will be conflict in a group with a task that has even a minimum of complexity.The conflicts that often arise in teams have many negative impacts:lower work efficieny,strained relationships,unharmonious working environment.Above all,it is the fountain of failure.
?? There are measures to stop conflicts.First,we should do more prep work to have Solid conflict management procedures in place to deal with when they arise.They will also help us work through issues more quickly.
?? Another important proactive measure is ensuring that our team shares the same purpose, values,and identity.I think teams should devote a certain amount of time to talking about the team itself.In these discussions,instead of focusing on easier,more concrete issues like goals and measurement,get the group to agree on its purpose first.Do this when the team forms,and throughout its existence.
?? To build up teamwork we should first focus on team norms.Refering back to something the team can,or has already agreed on will make team members reach an accord.Secondly,we should build mutual trust between one another,to respect each other and other's point of view. And on top of that,I think communications should be timely made so as to improve the working efficiency.    
?? Dear Mr.Goodson,
?????? I was wondering if you would grant your permission over our application for a laptop computer.Due to the increased work in data process and data analysis,we have to recruit another staff to do the increased amount of work.But the thing is,we have no other computer available for the new staff.As you know,the outdated computers are all replaced last year due to the poor effeciency and the several new members employed this year have used the few left computers.So we decide to apply for one computer for the new staff.
?????? We have conducted a marketing survey for the target computer and found that the HP,DELL and LENOVO computer all could meet our need.All of the three have excellent processing power and high speed.We could not make up our mind as to which one to choose until recently,I happened to read such an advertisement for a company which provides laptop computers.They would like to give us a cut in price if we could buy the DELL computer before 15th October.
?????? The next Monday is thirteenth October,on which the new staff is to come to work with US and in order to buy the computer at a discount,we suggest the purchase be fullfilled by this Sunday
?????? I am looking forward to your reply.Best wishes for you
?                                Susie    
Dear Mr.Thomson,
?????? I am very glad that our products are going to be exhibited in the trade fair.Undoubtedly,it will enhance our reputation.As the display at the trade fair functions as a window through which our potential customers or buyers can know and form their own opinions on our products. Therefore we should make sure that what we display meet the highest standard we set for our products and show the best of our products.
?????? But simply demonstrating high quality,presentable goods is not enough.There have to be people to make them known and remembered.So it is important to select the right staff to attend the fair.Make sure that the personnel selected is informative and well qualified,with excellent communicative and marketing skills.These people know everything about our products and can answer any kind of questions asked by the potential customers.
?? In order to make the most of the trade fair,attractiveness is an important part when planning the stand layout.It should be designed to conform to our company's and in such a creative way that it is very eye catching to get more people to visit our stand.We can use lightning,as innovative lightning creats atmosphere,sparks interest,provides guidance for visitors and direct attention.
?? Besides that,we should consider the security of exhibits.No one want to see any visitor to our stand be hurt due to the neglect of the security of the exhibits.So we should make sure that our products are placed in a safe way to be free from any potential dangers.
? ?Question 1
? ?·The chart below shows the attendance rate and overwork rate of three companies from Monday to Friday in one week
? ?·Using the information from the chart,write a short report comparing the attendance rate and overwork rate of three companies.
? ?·Write 120-140 words.

答案:?? From the chart,it is clear that company A has an ascending trend to overwork as the days go towards the end of the week,while its attendance rate is fluctuating relatively regularly during the week with Monday and Friday,Tuesday and Thursday respectively the same.
?? The overwork state changes irregularly in company B with Monday the highest and Tuesday the lowest after which the overwork rate increases steadily.It is clear the attendance rate is stable during the whole week.
?? As to company C,its attendance rate is relatively stable expept a large drop on Wednesday while its overwork rate is fluctuating under 20%
?? From the above,we can see that people in company A enjoy a more stable working environment than those in company B and company C.
解析:此处要表达的是“他们拒绝褒奖的原因”,they reject praise是先行词reason的限定语,when打乱了句子结构。故多余。




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